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The interesting thing is…

Our credit union was founded in January 1967 in an office on the campus of Kearney State College. Initially the credit union was known as Third Kearney Federal Credit Union simply because it was the third credit union in town. It started with a meager $3500 in assets from 55 members, just for Kearney State College employees.


The start of the credit union began new learning experiences and a steep climb to our future. In fact, two years down the road an auditor came to visit and asked for a history of financial records. The treasurer, Charles Pickens replied, “What tapes?” At that time it was evident that the credit union had developed rapidly enough to need some more operational support.


The credit union later moved into Founders Hall, an administrative building on campus, and added a few more employees. Then for a few years the credit union’s operations were ran out of a little red house a few blocks from campus. Before too long the credit union grew into a strip mall right across the street from campus. This location featured the credit union’s first drive thru window.


The credit union eventually changed the name in 1981 to Kearney Federal Credit Union because the vast amount of eligible employee groups that were being added. As membership expanded, so did our selection of products and services. KFCU started offering share draft accounts to go beyond the basic financial offerings of savings and loans. We definitely had more to offer, but long gone were the days of 15% dividend rates on share accounts.


A wealth of change was to follow the continual development of Kearney Federal Credit Union and in 1998 a second temporary location was added on 2nd Avenue. The persistent need for more space didn’t take long, so Kearney Federal Credit Union began to purchase houses along the block on 2nd Avenue, which would soon be the home of the current location. With plans of a new building in the works, the campus location was sold in 1999.


Finally in March 2004, construction began on our new location. For a while the community was questioning what this new building might be. Several onlookers claimed it looked like a church and came to find out it was going to be the new home of Kearney Federal Credit Union. We moved into the current location in February 2005.


We haven’t stopped growing yet; we recently started construction on the unfinished basement of our current location. When all is finished, the basement will encompass the loan department, conference room, staff break room, and bathrooms. The basement is estimated to be finished by the end of March 2012. We are excited about the expansion to better accommodate our ever growing membership.


Kearney Federal Credit Union has grown and settled into the Kearney community. We take pride in our history and all the effort it took to get our credit union to this point. We appreciate our dedicated members and staff that have brought us this far. Kearney Federal Credit Union is eager to continue to develop with our community.


March 16, 1967


The National Credit Union Administration granted a charter to Third Kearney Federal Credit Union.




Membership was extended to include relatives of current members.


March 1981


The name was changed to Kearney Federal Credit Union due to the addition of select employee groups including the United States Government, United States Postal Service, State of Nebraska, and Buffalo County.


July 1982


Membership was opened to Good Samaritan Hospital Association.


March 1985


Membership was opened to Kearney Volunteer Fire Department.


April 1985


Kearney City Employees Federal Credit Union merged with Kearney Federal Credit Union and membership was expanded to include the City of Kearney employees.


November 1986


Mother Hull Home was added to Kearney Federal Credit Union’s select employee groups.


November 1987


Richard Young Hospital and Kearney Orthopedic were included in Kearney Federal Credit Union’s eligible membership group.


May 1988


Agrivest Federal Credit Union merged with Kearney Federal Credit Union.


February 1991


Membership expanded to include Buffalo County School District.


June 1992


Membership to Kearney Federal Credit Union became available to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.


February 1993


Membership was extended to the employees of JBL Professional.


May 1994


Membership was extended to Triple K Supply employees.


October 1995


Membership was now to include Cash-Wa Distributing employees.




Second location on 2nd Avenue was purchased.




Location at 2301 13th Avenue, by campus, was sold.


July 2000


KEEPS Federal Credit Union merged with Kearney Federal Credit Union and membership was to include Kearney Public Schools and Educational Service Unit 10 as select employee groups.


September 2000


Membership opened up to include Whiskey Creek Steakhouse as a select employee group of Kearney Federal Credit Union.


June 2001


Lexington Federal Credit Union merged with Kearney Federal Credit Union allowing us to serve people who go to school, live, work, or worship in Dawson County.


February 2004


The new logo and slogan was unveiled at the 2004 Annual Meeting.


March 2004


Heartland Home Care, Inc. became part of Kearney Federal Credit Union’s list of select employee groups.


March 2004


Kearney Federal Credit Union broke ground for a new, larger location.


February 2005


Kearney Federal Credit Union moved into the new building at 2915 2nd Avenue.


December 2011


Construction on unfinished basement begins.


 March 2015 Merged with KEE Federal Credit Union



Main Branch                    East Branch       

2915 2nd Avenue              2600 Hwy 30 E

Kearney, NE 68847           Kearney, NE 68847    

308.234.9311 phone             308.234.9311 phone       

308.338.9932 fax                308.236.6176 fax

Lexington Branch           Mailing Address

Plum Creek Mall                P.O. Box 1329

513 N Grant St., Ste B      Kearney, NE  68848-1329

Lexington, NE 68850



308.324.1966 phone           888.838.5328 toll free
308.324.2144 fax              308.237.1359 phone banking


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